Kyzylorda Hosted "Friendship Has No Borders" Festival

18.11.2019 12:09 954

The Slavic festival "Friendship has no borders" was held in the House of Friendship. 

It was organized by the public association "Social and cultural center "Slavs" with the support of the Kyzylorda regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

The festival was attended by specially arrived guests from Zhambyl and Almaty regions and districts, the structure of the regional assembly of people of Kazakhstan, chairmen and activists of ethno-cultural associations, young people of higher and secondary special educational institutions and representatives of the media.

Before the start of the festival, the guests visited the exhibition of crafts and handkerchiefs.

Under Day of Culture, L. Tureshova, Head of the Secretariat of the Regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan awarded with letters of thanks a number of activists of the Slavic ethnocultural association, who made a significant contribution to the development of the region, and guests from Zhambyl and Almaty regions.

"There is a Kazakh proverb "The power of the bird is in the wings, the power of man is in friendship". Today we have witnessed a beautiful Slavonic festival. It was a holiday of peace and friendship. We are the people of Kazakhstan, the friendship uniting us, the people of different nationalities is the pledge of our victories. Today's event is another vivid evidence of our strong friendship, mutual understanding and respect. The organizer of the festival is "Slavs" - the largest social and cultural association of the region.

The "Slavs" Center has rightly received wide recognition in our region and beyond. Many friends of "Slavs" among regional public associations. Participation of guests from other regions in the festival is a confirmation of that.

The center has a lot of glorious deeds on its account. This includes festivals, contests and folk festivals. It also includes participation in regional and city social-political and cultural events. This includes strengthening friendly relations between Kazakhstan and Russia, close cooperation with the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Kazakhstan in the humanitarian spheres.

It should be noted that the main content of the daily work of the social and cultural center "Slavs" is the strengthening of friendship and harmony in our society, the promotion of common spiritual and moral values, the rise of the younger generation in the spirit of Kazakh patriotism and high responsibility for the future of our common home - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Let me sincerely congratulate the members of the ethno-cultural association "Slavs" on the remarkable festival and wish further energetic and fruitful work on strengthening of the national unity and social harmony, preservation and development of the language, culture and traditions of Slavic ethnic groups.

Huge gratitude to the head of the public and cultural association "Slavs" Shcherbakova Galina Sergeevna for her titanic work," said L. Tureshova.

Songs, dances, poems of different genres were performed at the festival of the Slavic ethnos. Vocal group "Kalinka" from Zhambyl region, national song ensemble "Sudarushki" from Kapchagai region decorated the evening and pleased the guests. After the festive concert the guests of the festival toured the sights of the region.

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