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03.05.2019 3059

The leading expert of the department of organization of public events of "Kogamdyk kelisim" MPI of Nur-Sultan Kulyash Mambetova was awarded the honorary title "Qazaq madenietinin qairatkeri".

"You put your heart and soul into each case. Share your experience with colleagues and support young people with advice and work! You have high skills, creative approach to business, exceptional efficiency and internal self-organization!

At the same time, business qualities and personal contribution of Kulyash Mambetova to substantial work of Nur-Sultan APK are especially noted.

Currently, she contributes to the preservation and strengthening of peace and accord in the country, working in the structure of the capital's Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

Kulyash Zakurnayevna is the holder of various diplomas and awards. She has a diploma of mayor of Kostanay region (2013) for significant contribution to the work of the trade union of the region, a diploma of akim of Kamystinskiy region for conscientious and significant contribution to the development of the sphere of culture of the region (Kamysty village, 2010), a letter of thanks of akim of the region for conscientious and fruitful work (Kamysty village, 2010), a diploma of regional management of culture in the nomination "For skill and creativity" (Kostanay, 2004) and others.

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