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Korean Cultural Center Marks Seollal

27.01.2020 889

Seollal – Korean Lunar New Year is one of the major holidays of Korean people.

Representatives of more than 120 ethnicities live in multinational Kazakhstan. Koreans living in Kazakhstan preserve their national identity, learn their native language, preserve culture, traditions and pass on to the younger generation. Celebration of the family holiday Seollal brought everyone together to Korean Cultural Center in Nur-Sultan, which traditionally organize large-scale events.

Despite the snowy weather in the capital, the Korean Cultural Center was crowded with the people who are fond of Korean culture.

Ms. Lee Hye-ran, Director of the Korean Cultural Center, told about the program for Seollal celebration.

"Seollal is one of major Korean holidays, that is celebrated on the first day of the lunar calendar. It is a family holiday celebrated among relatives. Everyone goes to their hometown and preprare for the holiday. People get up early next morning, put new clothes on, and then pay tribute to their ancestors, bow to their grandparents and parents, expressing gratitude and wishing happiness in the New Year. In the morning you should definitely try 'tteokguk' – Korean rice cake soup. It has a symbolic meaning as when you eat tteokguk, you become a year older. Then everyone plays traditional games and has fun," the director said.

The Center has prepared everything so that people could feel the atmosphere of the holiday. To begin with, all guests were told about the Seollal, its traditions and sang a song together.

Within the program everyone could try ‘hanbok’ on - a traditional costume, learn how to make a bow ‘saebe’, make a badge with wishes, play traditional games ‘tuho' and 'yunnori' and try ‘tteokguk’.

Tuho is a popular game, where participants try to throw arrows into a pot. Yunnori is a board dice game played with four ‘yuts’ round pieces.

Moreover, the guests could enjoy a wonderful performance of 'Mison' dance ensemble of Korean Ethnocultural Association. The traditional dance left unforgettable impression with the beauty of its movements.

This year the Korean Cultural Center celebrates its 10th anniversary and according to Director Lee Hye-ran, the Center plans to hold many events within the anniversary.

"We will do our best to hold all these events. On October 10, our Cultural Center marks its 10th anniversary and we plan to organize a big K-POP concert with guest stars," said Ms. Lee Hye-ran.

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