Repatriates Assembly


31.01.2019 508

The regional Assembly of people of Kazakhstan organizes events "Brand of each nation" in order to demonstrate the success, achievement, tradition and professionalism of various ethnicities living in the region, stimulate the interest of young people in the development of entrepreneurship, small and medium businesses in Turkestan region on a regular basis.

The next event was organized and conducted with the active assistance of the regional Turkish public association "Ahyska".

Acting head of "Kogamdyk kelisim" of Mayor’s office of Turkestan region Mukhtar Muhambetzhan has noticed that ethno-cultural associations in the region not only organize different events, but also bring the big contribution to development of economic potential of the region.

Co-founders of "Dary Sairama" LLP – brothers Kemal and Mamurzhan Kochali presented their products to young people and shared their experience in organizing and developing business.

There was an interesting conversation and discussion of the issue of business development in the countryside, prospects of introduction of new technologies and access to international markets.

It should be reminded that "Dary Sairama" LLP is engaged in production of canned vegetables using European technology. The range of products includes more than 50 items of pickles and jams or 21 million cans a year. Currently, the company employs more than 200 people, including 80 employees on a permanent basis.

"We are warmed by the idea that representatives of all ethnic groups in Kazakhstan have equal opportunities to implement their business ideas and develop their businesses. And in this, first of all, the merit of the Head of State and, of course, the hospitable Kazakh people, always warmly receiving on this blessed land. Therefore, our teams are working with enthusiasm to please all Kazakhstanis with the results of their work," said Mamurzhan Kochali.