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27.03.2019 589

The House of Friendship celebrated the Jewish holiday "Purim". Representatives of "Jewish Cultural-Educational and Socio-political Association "Aleph" NGO together with the capital APK had marked holiday "Purim", which symbolically coincided with the holiday of Nauryz this year.

Purim is a holiday carnival, everyone was brightly and cheerfully dressed, told about themselves, about that tradition which represents this or that costume. In the course of the event it was told about historical holiday, which has ancient roots, more than 2000 years. Participants congratulated each other, children performed with different flashmobs, funny dances and songs.

"Today, according to Jewish tradition, we celebrate the merry and joyful holiday "Purim", a tradition that goes back centuries. All Jews living in Kazakhstan celebrate the holiday with pleasure. Our society is renewed, there are some good changes, we think that in this new future we will also be friendly and tolerant. I would like to wish all Kazakhstanis that they were always friendly, loved each other, remembered that we have one sky above us and one shanyrak. We have one idea - to promote our country to become one of the established countries of the world, to be respected by children - our future, to thank everyone who stood at the origins of the friendship of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan. I want to thank administration for the given possibility that it is possible to spend all our holidays and traditions without any obstacles" deputy chairman of the Jewish society "Aleph" Nikolay Gorbunov speaks in the wish.

Besides on a holiday there were friends, relatives and close, representatives of other ethno-cultural centers. "To be friends with houses and neighbours became our common tradition, in fact, we have one shanyrak - House of friendship" noted organizers and participants of a holiday. "Purim" also symbolizes renewal, the victory of good over evil.

traditional dish for Purim