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Irina Moisseyeva: Our language and culture develop thanks to Assembly of people of Kazakhstan

29.11.2018 588

Irina Moisseyeva from Pavlodar is one of the winners in nomination “Asyl soz” mektebi of the project “Myn bala” organized by the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

She studies at Pavlodar Service and Catering College in Pavlodar. 

“I have been studying Kazakh language since I was 5 or 6. I lived in a village where many people speak Kazakh. I had a great desire to learn it, as I believe that every citizen of Kazakhstan must know Kazakh language. My school teachers helped me a lot in learning, they said that Kazakh language will be very important in my profession, in my future.

In addition to Kazakh language, I study Tatar and English,” Irina said. 

Irina shared that it was her fourth experience of participating in such contests, she participated in Abay and Mukagali Makatayev’s readings.  

She knew that there was a project “Myn bala” at college and decided to take part. She expressed her gratitude to her teacher Natalia Bagitova, thanks to her she was able to participate in the republican contest and be there.

Irina told that she practiced Kazakh with her brother, who knows Kazakh very well and friends who support her desire to speak fluent Kazakh.

"Thanks to the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan our language and culture is developing. Assembly organizes various events where people can participate and develop,” Irina Moisseyeva concluded.  

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