Repatriates Assembly


11.06.2019 1850

The ethnographic museum-reserve of Ust-Kamenogorsk hosted the celebration of Tatar national holiday "Sabantui", which was attended by representatives of the Tatar ethnocultural association of EKR, representatives of the ethnic group from Kazan, representatives of ethnocultural associations of the House of Friendship of EKR, creative teams of ethnocultural associations, residents and guests of the city. 


The audience was presented with a festive concert, national games and contests, such as "Tatarcha korash", arm wrestling, weight lifting, walking on logs, tug-of-war and many others. "Saban Tue" - from Tatar means "Plough Festival", a holiday of agriculture, honoring Mother Earth. 


Sabantui is a bright expression of Tatars' love for the breadwinner and honest work. More than two hundred years Tatars live on the land of Kazakhstan in the world and friendship with other nations and rightfully consider it their homeland.