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07.01.2019 871

Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev visited Svyato-Uspensky Cathedral in Astana and congratulated Orthodox Christians on Christmas.

During his visit to the Cathedral, Head of State congratulated all Orthodox Christians on Christmas.

“Today all Kazakhstan, all representatives of confessions and ethnoses celebrate this holiday. This celebration symbolizes goodness and prosperity. On this day, old grievances are forgiven and the needy are helped, prayers are offered," said the President of Kazakhstan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted that from the first days of independence the state pursues a policy of strengthening inter-ethnic and inter-faith consent.

“Thanks to our unity, we have achieved great results in the economy and growth of people's welfare. During all the years of independence, I felt the support of Orthodox Christians and I am grateful to you for it," Leader of the Nation said.

In addition, President of Kazakhstan emphasized the role of the country in the development of global inter-religious dialogue aimed at preserving peace and tranquility in the world.

“These days, all Orthodox Christians have asked the Lord for health and well-being of loved ones, peace and consent in our country. May these prayers be heard! Once again, I wish everyone Happy Christmas, well-being, health and prosperity!” Nursultan Nazarbayev said.

The Head of state also stressed that it is thanks to the unity and peace that Kazakhstan will achieve new successes in its development.

“We will continue our policy aimed at strengthening friendship and mutual understanding, trust to each other. Only in this way will we move forward and create a better life for future generations," President of Kazakhstan said.

In conclusion, N. Nazarbayev got acquainted with the expositions of the Museum of New Martyrs and Confessors of the spiritual and cultural center of the Orthodox Church.