Repatriates Assembly

Happy International Women's Day

05.03.2020 996

Congratulations on March 8 from representatives of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan



Dear women!

I congratulate you on the holiday of spring,beauty, tenderness and love - International Women's Day! Women are the beautiful half of humanity! You are entrusted with a high mission - to be a keeper of the family hearth, loving mother, daughter, wife and sister. In addition, you are public figures in the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and are doing a great job to ensure peace and harmony in our country.

We are proud of you and sincerely wish you happiness, health and love! May every day of your life be bright and warm, every endeavor is fruitful, and every wish is fulfilled!


Dmitry Ostankovich

Chairman of ‘Radima’ Belarusian Cultural Center

APK, Nur-Sultan



Congratulations to the beautiful half of humanity on International Women's Day!

March 8th is the brightest and most beautiful day of the year. On this spring holiday I wish you pleasant moments, success in your professional activity, positive emotions and inexhaustible energy!

May every of your day be blessed!

Saak Salumyan

Chairman of 'VAN' Armenian ethno-cultural association


 roma zver.jpeg

Dear women, girls, ladies!

Thank you for being with us. In fact, for just having you. 

Men’s lives are senseless without women, it would be gray and empty. I am sure that the main thing in life is love, and the best gift is the one made by your own hands with love.

Rustam Abdusalamov

Chairman of Republican Ethno-cultural Center of Uigurs in Nur-Sultan



The day when we congratulate our lovely women, our mothers, sisters, wives and daughters symbolically coincides with the beginning of the most beautiful season - spring. This is the time when nature awakens, fills with beauty and light. On this day, let me congratulate with all my heart the lovely women on March 8. Wish you good health, love, warmth, light and joy. Let every day bring only joyful emotions, let all your bright thoughts come true.

Тimur Jumurbayev,

Deputy Chairman of Jangyru Joly RYM APK


International Women's Day on March 8 represents beauty, warmth and tenderness. It is no coincidence that it is celebrated in early spring, at a time when flowers bloom and nature comes to life. A woman is much like spring - bright, beautiful and tender. Thanks to the beautiful half of humanity, men overcome all difficulties and hardships, do not lose optimism and believe in the best. 

Thank you for giving us care and support, strength for new achievements!

Asker Piriyev,

Chairman of ‘Ahyska’ Kazakhstan Association of Turks