Repatriates Assembly


13.02.2019 558

On March 1, Kazakhstan people will celebrate the national holiday – Gratitude Day.

Traditional celebrations will be held in regional and district centers and cities of national importance. This day new offices of Assembly, the ethnocultural centers will open in the region, fashionable shows of clothes in ethnostyle will be organized, parents of the babies born in this day will be handed valuable gifts, students of educational institutions will write Unified dictaton and will lay flowers to a monument "Qazaq halqyna myń alǵys".

The celebrations will not be limited to the regional center in Akmola region. Extensive festive events are planned in remote areas. In the House of Culture in Ereymentau will be an exhibition and panorama "Kazakhstan - my homeland". The action "Suyinshi" in Zerendinsky district with presentation of valuable gifts to newborns promises to be creative. In the House of Culture of Astrakhan district will be held a charity concert "Zhanynda zhaksy adam". A festive meeting of representatives of ethno-cultural associations in the House of Friendship and Creativity in Stepnogorsk "Thank you for everything" will be no less spectacular.

East Kazakhstan citizens are preparing 7 major events. Including - a regional forum "Under single shanyrak" in the House of friendship of Ust-Kamenogorsk, a charitable concert "Algys aitu - parazym" in the House of friendship in Semey. In the House of Friendship of Katon-Karagai district will be held a theatrical festival of ethnic traditions. In Vesnovka village of Glubokoe district the opening of Chechen-Ingush ethno-cultural association is expected.

A cultural and mass program to celebrate Gratitude day in Zhambyl region is expected to be eventful. A theatrical concert and a charitable action "Omir syila" of the regional youth headquarters of "Zhangyru zholy" RYO APK are being prepared. The House of Friendship will host a fashion show of ethnic clothing and a reception for mediators.

In the North-Kazakhstan region, the regional forum of ethno-cultural associations and the festival-contest of national clothing "Ethno-fashion" will be dedicated to the Day of Gratitude, and in the walls of the regional perinatal center there will be a charity event "New human - new life".

On March 1, Gratitude Day, flowers will be laid to the monument "Qazaq halqyna myń alǵys" with the participation of representatives of the ethnocultural centers of the region in Uralsk, and room of the Assembly will be opened in Zhangir Khan West Kazakhstan Agrarian-technical University.

It is planned to carry out classroom hours and a writing of the Uniform regional dictation devoted to Day of Gratitude in Turkestan region in all educational institutions and schools.

A charity ball will be held in Aktau on March 1 at the Friendship House of APK. On this day the charitable fair of representatives of ethno-cultural associations will be organized in Astana as well.