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Gaur Punit: Establishment of Assembly is important initiative for history of Kazakhstan

22.11.2018 927

Gaur Punit Associate Professor of L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University within the framework on International Forum of Scientists and Experts “Multiethnic Society and Modern State: Development strategies” spoke about national development in multiethnic society.  

Gaur Punit lives the third year in Kazakhstan and conducts research on Kazakhstan and the regions of Central Asia in general.

“Those characteristics of multiethnicity that I saw here is a completely different experience than in India, although India is also a multicultural society. It is all connected with the concept of identity and nation building.

Since Kazakhstan is a young state, only 27 years, not only President but also people of Kazakhstan demonstrated characteristics of a multicultural society. I should note that a lot of work has been done over the years.” Mr Punit said.   

“I would like to mention that Assembly of people of Kazakhstan is a unique model of social unity especially in a multiethnic society. This is a key Kazakh model of unity and identity. A very unconventional decision was made to create the Assembly. The recognition of this organization by the amendment to the Constitution was very important. It is a significant initiative for the history of Kazakhstan. The purpose of the Assembly is to ensure unity and consent between ethnicities of Kazakhstan. We all feel the consequences of that decision.” Mr. Punit concluded.

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