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22.05.2019 1757

No one is in doubt how important it is to get a decent education today, whether it is school or university and even post-graduate education.

The main thing, first of all, is what values the person has received on life, having this or that education. In the sphere of educational reforms, an objective assessment of the spiritual and moral problems of modern youth is relevant today.

Under the slogan of "de-ideologization", the school rejected the system of values characteristic of the epoch of socialism, and at the same time, it did not develop a new attractive system of values for secondary and higher education.

The new educational components have not yet been integrated into the educational system. Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev in his keynote article "Looking to the Future: Modernizing Public Consciousness" directly raises questions about our historical, cultural and national identity, values and cultural codes shared by all members of society.

The questions of forming new meanings and images of the future we are creating are important for the whole society. Educational reforms do not take into account that our society, striving to build a market economy, in fact built a market society.

It has spread market relations into those spheres where they should not be, in particular, into the sphere of state institutions, education, culture, which by their nature and essence are designed to express the interests of society, people, and not the benefits of business, entrepreneur.

First of all, the profession of teacher should be mentioned, which is one of the most prestigious in all developed countries, in fact, we have in the category of unpopular. Today, future teachers should not only have a diploma of graduation, but also pass a test to determine the propensity to work with children.

It should be noted that this has long been the norm in countries with high school performance.

Secondly, education should not only be a matter for an authorized ministry, the state or private individuals, but should also become a matter for everyone. Society should have its own legal rights to manage and control the educational process. Only then will it have real responsibility.

Due to the total marketization of our society, the values and guidelines of our youth have changed. And they have not changed for the better. This is evidenced by serious sociological research.

For example, if in the early 90's the ideal of the young guys were racketeers, in 2000s the ideal was already bankers and entrepreneurs, artists and cosmonauts, as far as today's young people are concerned, they already want to be officials. This shows that in our modern society the position of an official becomes prestigious and highly paid, the latter, of course, not only at the expense of the state salary.

The knowledge of schoolchildren depends not only on the teachers, but also on the quality of teaching material. Unfortunately, it does not always meet the requirements of the logic of presentation of the material and does not always serve as a model of knowledge. Today, the need for reform of education and science in Kazakhstan is virtually undisputed, including at the official level.

In reforming education, unfortunately, the good aspects of the classical educational system are not always taken into account. In particular, the former goals in it were the formation of spiritual values.

I would like to believe that education in Kazakhstan will become one of the best in the world, but for this purpose it is necessary to critically analyze the existing experience in the integration of education and upbringing. It is generally recognized that high indicators in the field of education are associated primarily with high achievements in education, because only a properly brought up child understands the role of knowledge, and tries to learn well.

Dina Jussubaliyeva,

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, professor  

Kazakh Abylai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

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