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Festival of Belarusian Culture Held in Ust-Kamenogorsk

16.10.2019 539

UST-KAMENOGORSK – A festival of Belarusian culture was held in the House of Friendship - Center of Public Consent. 

This is a truly bright, interesting and colorful event that brought creative people together from different districts of East Kazakhstan region. 

The guests from Pavlodar also attended the event.

Guests were welcomed with bread and salt. The program of the event was multifaceted. The guests were able to get acquainted with the history and culture of the Belarusian people, were imbued with the national flavor of this ethnos through beautiful dances and songs. 

There were also incendiary and cheerful performances that reflected the breadth of soul of the Belarusian people. Patriotic songs fit into the program and gave people a sense of unity and warmth, the organizers say.

The highlight of the event was an exhibition of the Belarusian folk applied art, which presented unique products made by young artists and masters. 

The works of the craftsmen revealed the peculiarities of Belarusian life and amazed the visitors with their elegance.