Repatriates Assembly


14.02.2019 449

On March 1, Gratitude Day, in Astana will be held a republican forum of Assembly of people of Kazakhstan "Kazakh khalkyna myn algys" ("Gratitude to Kazakh people"). In the framework of the event an exhibition dedicated to the healing beverage – kumys will be opened for the first time. Everybody will be able to see the thematic exhibits from the National Museum, devices for the preparation of the healing drink, as well as taste kumys and mare's milk, prepared by ancient and modern technologies.

On the eve of the exhibition we decided to acquaint the reader with the history of kumys creation in the Great Steppe, cooking technology, types of beverages and its healing properties as well.

Almost four years ago, at the 22nd session of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan in April 2015, Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to celebrate Gratitude Day in Kazakhstan. And the day of APK’s establishment, March 1, was chosen as the date of the holiday, when representatives of numerous ethnicities can thank each other and Kazakhs for their tolerance and hospitality in the period of great national upheavals, forced relocations of entire peoples, in the period of Stalin's repressions and deportation of ethnic groups to the Kazakh steppes.     

One of the main messages of the holiday is "Remember and be proud of your history". It is noteworthy that it is compliant with the messages of the President's article "Seven facets of the Great Steppe" as never before. And it is not by chance that this holiday is timed to coincide with the exhibition of kumys in Astana - since ancient times Kazakhs treated a tired traveler who stopped at their yurt, with kumys first, and then offered food.