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Ethno-cultural Associations Have Gathered Together in Honor of Eid

15.08.2019 1057

One of the main holidays of Muslims Eid was celebrated in the "House of Friendship - the center of public accord of Ust-Kamenogorsk.

The most important part of the holiday is the sacrifice. At Eid, women usually cook traditional dishes made of meat of a sacrificial animal and set a festive dastarkhan.

Ethno-cultural associations, Aksakals’ Council, representatives of ‘Halifa Altay’ Mosque and ‘Svyato-Troitsky’ temple and others took part in the event within the walls of the House of Friendship. All those present gathered behind one big dastarkhan and dedicated to each other the words of edification.

A festive concert was organized as well, members of ethno-cultural associations showed their best performance.

Also, the staff of the House of Friendship organized food "Baskets of Good" for large families.

Traditions and mutual respect between representatives of different ethnicities, religions and cultures in our country have deep roots. The holidays of Kurban Ait, Christmas, and Sabantuy have become traditional, part of the spiritual and moral life of East Kazakhstanis. Ethno-cultural associations respect each other's traditions and customs and work together under a common shanyrak, the organizers of the event note.