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Eid Holiday Was Marked In the Assembly’s Park in Pavlodar

13.08.2019 1514

A big festive event on Eid was held in the park of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Pavlodar.

Its program included charity fairs, sports competitions, competitions for children, more than 20 pilaf pots prepared and distributed to mosques of the city. It should be noted that several pilaf pots was prepared by representatives of the regional Assembly of People of Kazakhstan.

More than 200 people left part of the meat for charity on a special site at “Kulager” hippodrome, where services are provided for slaughtering and selling cattle.

More than 150 residents of Pavlodar applied to the public foundation "Klub Dobryakov Pavlodar" with a request to give the addresses of those with whom it was possible to share the meat of the sacrificial animal.

"We have a list of low-income families with many children who need help, all of whom have been given meat and products. In addition, we have contacted the Department of Social Protection of Pavlodar, where we were provided with the addresses of 70 such families, half of the list has already been worked out. Calls and messages offering help continue to come in” the volunteers reported.

The Eid lasts 3 days and will end today. Until the evening salah today, it is possible to perform the rite of sacrifice. A ram, goat, cow or camel are chosen for it. Meat is divided into three parts: one remains to the owner of the sacrificial animal, the other two are distributed to the poor, as well as neighbors and relatives.