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Chu Youngmin: Kazakhstan’s experience is important for South Korea

13.12.2018 534

Chu Youngmin studies at L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University for the third year and learns Kazakhstan’s multiethnical situation. She emphasized that Kazakhstan’s experience is important for South Korea, as it has been a monoethnic state for a long time.

"If you think why model of Kazakhstan is important for Korea, I can say that there are three reasons. First, Kazakhstan has a good and bad experience, at least it has been a polyethnic society for many years. I believe that Kazakhstan's experience can help Korea. Secondly, Korea's research in this area is largely based on the models of Western countries, such as America and Canada. I think that modern Korea needs an Asian, Eurasian model. Thirdly, more than 100 thousand Koreans live here as citizens of Kazakhstan. I have to do research on them. If I conducted a study of the model of Kazakhstan, it includes Korean people as well.

Since Kazakhstan gained independence, it has sought to create the image of a mediator. The Assembly of people of Kazakhstan contributes to it a lot. The Assembly of people of Kazakhstan unites the center and the region, the government and people. Therefore, in my opinion, the image of mediator is a distinctive model of the multiethnic situation in Kazakhstan. I believe that the experience of Kazakhstan can be new and useful for other states experiencing difficulties in the multi-ethnic situation in this area" concluded Chu Youngmin. 


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