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28.11.2018 511

Annual Republican Forum of charitable organizations and donors within "Caravan of mercy" was held in Atyrau for the first time.

At the opening of the meeting, Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan – Head of Secretariat Leonid Prokopenko noted that today charity has become a marker of modernization of public consciousness.

"Five social initiatives" and State of the Nation Address of President "Growing welfare of Kazakhstan People: increase of income and quality of life" testify to the formation of Kazakhstan as a social state.  A national model of social well-being is being created in the country. Charity plays a leading role in this model. It is charity as the need of the soul to do good is one of the foundations of public consent and civil peace in the country," Leonid Prokopenko said.

Charity has a great potential of uniting principle of all citizens of our country. Therefore, as Deputy Head of APK noted, one of the key directions of the Assembly is to promote the development of charity.

Republican charity campaign "Caravan of mercy" has been held annually by the Assembly since 2015. This year, about 8733 events were held, more than 400 thousand people received assistance totaling more than 2.5 billion kzt.

Summing up the results of the campaign is traditionally held at the forum of benefactors, patrons and donors, where they are given APK’s badges “Zhomart zhan”.

"Ken bolsan – kem bolmaisyn" says folk wisdom of the Great steppe. The broad soul of the Kazakh people and the inherent "Uly dala" the value of mutual assistance, participation and caring attitude to the neighbor are in it. It is the layer of traditions originating in the customs of generosity, hospitality and mercy of the Kazakh land that formed basis of the charity calendar of APK for 2019, taking into account the traditions of the Great steppe: "Shashu", "Asar", "Sybaga", "Zhylu,"said Deputy Chairman of the Assembly.

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