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Charitable New Year party

05.01.2018 281

The Turkish ethnocultural union "Ahiska" with the support of the assembly of the people of Kazakhstan in Zhambyl oblast held a New Year performance for the Children's Home No. 1 named after K. Sarymoldayev and for low-income, large families of the Zhambyl region. The holiday was held in the entertainment center "Grand piano". On the holiday, 135 children were invited. Children were given New Year's gifts and soft toys, cars, dolls, a festive dinner was organized.

M.Davrishev: "New Year - the most desirable, beautiful, a favorite holiday for every child. And we are glad that we give children a real fairy tale! Children believe in Santa Claus, and dream of receiving gifts from him. And we must realize these dreams. We should not divide children by nationality, who is healthy, who is sick, who is wealthy, who is from low-income family. Especially, we should pay attention to children who have been left without parents' attention. As our President N.A. Nazarbayev says "Every child who was born in Kazakhstan is our child". For us, the lives and dreams of all children are important. We must always be close, we must help them in everything, so that they have a happy childhood, a cheerful life. It was for this purpose that we organized this matinee. New year without sweets and gifts does not happen, and of course children received gifts and sweets from Santa Claus".

It should be noted that M.Davrishev is one of the merciful, noble patrons of art who actively participates in all charitable actions of Zhambyl region. At the charity event "KAYIRIMDI ZHAN-2017", he donated 200,000 tenge, which was sent to children with special needs.

On the matinee, there were special children's programs, games with the Snow Maiden and characters from cartoons. Under the New Year's song the children sang, danced and had fun. It was a fabulously wonderful and unique New Year party for the children of Zhambyl region.

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