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Charitable action "Kayirimdi zhan - 2017"

05.01.2018 281

Recently, a charity event "Kayirimdi zhan - 2017" was held in the Zhambyl region, which was organized by KGU "Kogamdyk kelіsim". Funds collected for the shares were sent to children with special needs.

Today, the collected funds in the amount of 900 000 tenge were shared to children who receive treatment in the regional children's hospital No. 1. The commission includes: R. Ubaydullaeva - head of KGU "Kogamdyk kelіsim" of the apparatus of akim of Zhambyl region M.Mirazhapov – Chairman of the Council of Mothers, member of APK and R. Asankulova - Chief Accountant of KGU "Kogamdyk kelіsim".

The commission collected 900 000 tenge are divided among the children, this is: D.A. Potapov - disabled child (150 000 tenge), A.Aydarbek - a child with a diagnosis of neurosensory bilateral deafness (300 000 tenge), H.L. Sanahun is a disabled child (150,000 tenge), A.Zh.Rysbay - disabled child (150 000 tenge), A.B. Nurmagambet is a disabled child (150 000 tenge).

According to the children's doctor of the regional children's hospital No. 1, head of the neurosurgical department Omarova Talasbek, "these children need constant rehabilitation. There are a lot of sick children. There are children already born with a topology. And sometimes parents are not able to pay for their treatment at the rehabilitation center. Therefore, they leave their children in children's and maternity hospitals. We must help such sick children".

Charity - is a good deed, benefactor can be anyone, regardless of income, everyone can make their own contribution to a good cause. The desire to help the needy, to contribute part of the funds to pay for surgery or medicines for sick children - the impulse is very noble, which is one of the important directions of the APK.

Assistance to children with disabilities remains an urgent task in the conditions of a modern highly developed society: the number of children who are deprived of a full life due to injuries, congenital anomalies and various chronic diseases is very high. And the quality of life of families in which sick children are brought up is markedly deteriorating due to the constant costs of purchasing the necessary medicines and paying for treatment.

Today, the charitable help to children with disabilities from the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan of the Zhambyl region renders assistance in obtaining the necessary medical care for children.

Parents of sick children I.V. Kleimenova, B.N. Kuptileuov, A.M. Sanahun, A.S. Elemes, S.A. Nurpeiyis thanked the APK members.

"CREATIVELY WELCOME!", It is possible for some to be empty words, but for us this is another chance to help those children whom we call "special", those who believe in good, those who fight for the right to live, whose faith and hope in tomorrow, the bright day never fades.

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