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Central Asian Scientific-Expert Council is held in Astana

30.10.2018 542

“Ethnosocial processes and ethnocultural dialogue in Kazakhstan and Central Asia” session of the Central Asian scientific-expert council on issues of interethnic tolerance and public consent is being held today in Congress Centre, Astana.

Experts from Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and European countries participated in the meeting to discuss the issues of ethnosocial processes, using the potential of inter-ethnic dialogue in the region, joint project in ethnocultural dialogue.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan Leonid Prokopenko delivered welcoming speech. He emphasized that holding the session every year became a good tradition and made a basis of forming a site for experience exchange and accumulating knowledge.

“Many experts of Central Asian countries, Western Europe and Republic of Kazakhstan are taking participation in this session. The time of holding our conference is coincided with the 20th anniversary of the capital of Kazakhstan – Astana. Astana became administrative and cultural centre of our country, the place where all significant international events like OSCE Summit, EXPO-2017 International Exhibition, Meeting of Leaders of international and Traditional Religions take place. Thanks to the policy of Head of state, many amazing buildings are being built in Kazakhstan. Today we are holding our session in the Congress Center, it is also a new building built recently. It is symbolical that we show a photo exhibition prepared by the Foundation of the First President to the 20th anniversary of Astana for the first time in Kazakhstan. It is the unique exhibition that was presented abroad only”, — Head of Secretariat of APK said.

“Central Asian Scientific-Expert Council became a current operating site, where we discuss the most important issues. There are dynamic ethnographic, ethnosocial, migration processes in our region that increase the relevance of all-round analysis. Firstly, Central Asian Region cannot but experience the pressure of all complex issues happening in the world, in particular, we are witnessing the large-scale immigration in the history of our planet.

Time does not stand still. Identity and unity – these terms are requiring constant hard work, development and strengthening of real deeds. It is crucial to hold analysis of modern trends of interethnic relations, to make a forecast scenario of development and identify possible risks.

The integration issue and all aspects of our cooperation are on the agenda of Central Asia. Central Asia is a unique region, which has a huge unrealized potential of possibilities. Kazakhstan advocated for strengthening across the board including the development on interaction in economical, transport and communication, water-energetic fields”, — L. Prokopenko concluded.

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