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25.10.2018 562

Regional Public Association of the Belarusian Cultural Centre discussed the main provisions of State of the Nation Address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

A meeting of the Regional Public Association "Belarusian cultural centre" to discuss and explain State of the Nation Address of President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. Nazarbayev "Growing welfare of Kazakhstan: increase of income and quality of life” was held in the House of Friendship of Almaty. The participants of the meeting, including the leaders and members of the ethno-cultural, youth organizations, scientific and creative intelligentsia, media discussed the main provisions of the Address.

In particular, Head of the Secretariat of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Almaty Nazar Balgimbayev announced the ongoing and upcoming activities to implement the Address of the Head of state and spoke about the mechanisms for the implementation of projects to improve the quality of life of the population in Almaty. He elaborated on measures in the field of education, health, housing, especially the youth of the city, security, etc. In the framework of the announcement of Year of youth in the coming year it is planned to implement the Action Plan.

In turn, Chairman of the Regional public Association "Belarusian cultural centre" Leonid Pitalenko noted that the platform connecting the horizons of the past, present and future of the people, was the programme "Ruhani Zhangyru". The best achievements of modern Kazakh culture in the framework of the programme will be presented to the world community. 

Director General of "International Informatization Academy" NGO Alex Tsehovoy told about 6 sections of the Address, with an emphasis on teamwork. It is also noted that it is necessary to get rid of reactivity in favor of proactivity. He informed about new specialties, such as masters and doctoral students in project management, about the defining parameters of entering the number of the best countries in the world.

Deputy editor-in-chief of "Prostor" magazine Lyubov Shashkova highlighted the issues of quality and availability of education, medical services related to each Kazakh family. She emphasized the development of a roadmap, revision of teaching methods, as well as the system of remuneration of educators and other education workers. She also noted that today the emphasis in education is gradually shifting towards the 4K model.

Deputy Chairman of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan of Almaty Kazbek Mamssurov covered the reform of the law enforcement system, domestic tourism, instilling spirituality and culture in the younger generation.

During the dialogue platform, representatives of the youth of Belarusian Ethno-cultural Association noted the importance of preserving national identity, comprehensive support for young people and the announced Year of youth. They supported the idea of further development of sports and physical education, promotion of healthy lifestyle, which is vital for the younger generation and young people.