Repatriates Assembly


19.11.2018 598

International forum of scientists and experts "Multiethnic society and modern state: development strategies" is held in Nazarbayev Center in Astana.

It is organized by the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan together with Center for the Study of Interethnic and Interreligious Relations in the Central Asian region, Academy of Public Administration under the President of Kazakhstan, "Eurasian Expert Council" with the support of the Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan-Elbassy.

The event was attended by Deputy Chairman of the APK – head of the Secretariat Leonid Prokopenko, deputies of the Mazhilis and Senate of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, members of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan, Scientific and Expert Council and ethno-cultural associations, representatives of the diplomatic corps, international organizations, state bodies, the UN in Kazakhstan, universities, members of scientific and expert groups of regions and departments of the APK, public figures, scientific and creative intelligentsia, non-governmental organizations, media.

During the forum, scientists and experts discuss the role of Kazakhstan's model of public consent and national unity of N. Nazarbayev in the context of global challenges of our time.

Panel sessions are held on the following topics: "National models of development of a multi-ethnic society: the Year of Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan"; "20 years of Astana: in the heart of Eurasia" and "Successful social development-the basis of consolidation of a multi-ethnic society".

The forum will summarize the results of the year in Uzbekistan, as well as the Republican contest of scientific projects devoted to Kazakhstan's model of public consent and national unity of N. Nazarbayev.