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27.11.2018 489

National Academic Library of Kazakhstan hosted a meeting of representatives of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan headed by Deputy head of Secretariat of APK Nazipa Shanai with delegation of the Kyrgyz Republic. The parties got acquainted with the structures of the assemblies of the two countries, discussed issues of cooperation, in particular, in the youth direction.

In her speech, Deputy head of the SAPK noted that the people of the two countries have one history, linguistic similarity, and most importantly, a single spirituality.

Ethnicities in Kazakhstan are organized to address national goals and objectives, each in its own direction.

"For example, "Kyrgyzstan-Astana" Public Association headed by Shavkat Issmailov has chosen work with migrants as a direction. The task is set very rationally. Today, young people born in independent countries have grown up, and they do not know each other. We need such a relationship when a positive image is formed," said Nazipa Shanai.

Deputy head of SANK noted the need to work on the prevention of public consent violations in the countries, which arises as a result of lack of understanding on the part of the population changes and innovations, reforms in various fields.

"The effect of the work of 19 structures of the Assembly is that young people understand that we live in a "glass world" and it is easy to break it. Now the level of understanding of the need to maintain public consent is very high. We need to form the right image of the nation," the speaker said.

Young people know the history of Turkey and customs and traditions of India very well, but know little about the culture and history of the neighboring Kyrgyz people. Despite the close proximity, there is a lack of cultural integration. These gaps need to be filled through cultural exchange as soon as possible.

In this regard, she expressed hope for holding joint festivals of Kazakh-Kyrgyz youth, where Kyrgyz filmmakers would bring historical films relating to today's heroes and the history of the Kyrgyz.

In turn, Deputy of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic, Chairman of Association of Kazakhs of Kyrgyzstan Gulshat Assylbayeva expressed a desire to get acquainted with the activities of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

"The Assembly of Kyrgyzstan is not headed by the President and it is not a constitutional body, it has no special status.  In this sense, the knowledge of Kazakhstan in terms of sharing experience in building a classical model of the Assembly's governance structure in our homeland would be useful," the speaker said.

During the meeting, Deputy head of SAPK presented the book "The Promised Land"(history of all independent Kazakhstan in three languages) and "Idea of Peace and Public Consent" by Nursultan Nazarbayev. She explained that it has a political, legal, philological analysis of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan.

Deputy head of SAPK informed that the 36-hour course on Nazarbayev model is taught in many foreign universities. In addition, APK has a Club of Journalists – a permanent Advisory and expert platform that helps to consolidate the efforts of the media in strengthening tolerance, maintaining inter-ethnic, public consent and civil unity.

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