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APK West Kazakhstan Region: Save a unique corner of nature in Uralsk

05.01.2020 954

We have already written about the proposal of Abat Shynybekov, mayor of Uralsk, to create an eco-park in the Transshipment Grove, which he made at a meeting in the reception of ‘Nur Otan’ with Yulia Popova, an activist to protect the grove.

As Felix Bayukansky, head of the Jewish ethnocultural association "Lamed" has informed, the offer of mayor of Uralsk became a subject of discussion in Assembly of People of Kazakhstan WKR.

The unique corner of the nature in the city centre today is in a deplorable condition: it is littered, silted and overgrown with reeds, living conditions of fish, beavers, swans worsen, antisocial behavior individuals often appear in a grove.

The chairmen of ethno-cultural associations (ECA) decided to hold a Saturday clean-up day in the spring in the Transshipment Grove. Everybody who wishes to contribute to its rescue can join the ECA representatives.

It is necessary to clean the grove from garbage before the beginning of work on the arrangement of sports grounds and footpaths. "The Assembly will be only glad if the clean-up day to save the grove turns into a citywide event," Bayukansky said in the conversation.