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27.06.2019 911

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan has organized work on the organization of assistance to the injured of Arys, Turkestan region. APK of all regions created headquarters on the organization of assistance to the affected, on the basis of all Houses of Friendship are organized collecting centers of the humanitarian help, heads and members of ethno-cultural associations conduct active work in this direction.

In just two days (24-26 June 2019), the total amount of assistance provided by members of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan is more than 51,331,332 tenge.

Huge work is being done by the Assembly's headquarters in Turkestan and Shymkent.

All ethno-cultural associations (about 900) take part in the action of assistance, which allocate money, bring bakery products, foodstuffs, water, juices to schools where evacuees and headquarters live, give lunch and dinner, distribute clothes, footwear, children's things and means of hygiene, arrange whole families in their homes, provide assistance in distribution.

Active assistance is provided by the structures of APK’s Council of Mothers, youth wings, and mediation rooms: toys, juices, clothes and medicines are brought to children.

Entrepreneurs provide transport (Afghan Veterans), Eva Pharmacy, Irina Brodskaya provided 140,000 tenge worth of medication.

Assistance of ethnocultural centers: regional Kyrgyz ECO- provided assistance to Secondary School No. 87 in the amount of 1,200,000 KZT. (foodstuffs, clothes and footwear for adults and children, medicines); Turkish diaspora in Martobe village of Shymkent and chairman Murat Gelashvili provided assistance to the victims with foodstuffs and transferred 118,000 tenge to the Central Mosque of Shymkent.

The total amount of aid received by the joint headquarters of APK of Turkestan region and APK of Shymkent city are 25 193 800 tenge.

APK’s members of Nur-Sultan collected basic necessities and items worth more than 3,000,000 tenge, including the deputy chairman of the Uzbek cultural center, Hasan Sharipov, who sent 22 tons of flour to Arys on June 24. Representatives of youth wings donated blood.

Almaty ethnic cultural associations have donated 960,000 tenge and collected basic necessities, foodstuffs and clothing.

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Akmola region provided assistance in the amount of 2,685,000 tenge. At collecting center of the goods of prime necessity which is in “Kogamdyk Kelisim” MPI of Kokshetau, residents of the city, representatives of ethno-cultural associations, members of the Council of mothers collected clothes, footwear, foodstuffs.

APK of Aktobe region has rendered the help for the sum of 3 042 554 tenge, including the Armenian ECO "Urartu" have transferred the help for 2 million tenge, the enterprise of Open Company "Dinar-Elektromash" has rendered the help for the sum of 550 000 thousand tenge. Chairman of Council of Public Consent Vishnyak Sergey Viktorovich transferred 200 000 thousand tenge. 

In total, 1,020,000 kzt of charitable aid was collected in Almaty region, including 700,000 tenge from APK’s member Z. Kuziyev.

In support of the republican action "Arys. Biz Birgemiz! - Arys. We are together!", Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Atyrau region collected 2,688,927 tenge. Members of Chechen-Ingush ethno-cultural association Vainakh donated 1,773,927 tenge to Turkestan corporate social development fund.

Members of APK, chairmen of ECO, representatives of APK’s Association of Entrepreneurs give an example, sending a large sum of money: V. Rozmetov - member of APK in Atyrau region, Chairman of APK’s Association of Entrepreneurs has transferred 200 000 tenge; A. Koluzanov - member of APK’s Association of Entrepreneurs - 150 000 tenge; T. Rozmetova – leader of “Zhangyru zholy” of the region - 150 000 tenge; Members of Chechen-Ingush ethnocultural association "Vainakh" transferred 1 773 927 tenge; Z. Bobokhidze - Chairman of Georgian ECO "Iberia" transferred 100 000 tenge; A. Koroblev - Chairman of the Russian ethnocultural association "Bylina" transferred 150 000 tenge in the corporate fund of social development "Turkestan".

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Atyrau region collected 2,688,927,000 tenge. Fundraising continues.

In East Kazakhstan region, Friendship Houses, ethno-cultural associations and members of APK have raised 804,000 tenge.

In Zhambyl region, the means and subjects of prime necessity for a total sum of 3 259 551 tenge are collected.

In West Kazakhstan region, three humanitarian aid collection points were opened and 30 tons of foodstuffs were shipped.

Assemblies of People of Kazakhstan of Karaganda region collected and transferred to the account of the corporate fund of social development "Turkistan" money resources in the amount of 1 871 100 tenge, sent 20 tons of vegetables and fruits, 500 kg of rice.

Armenian ethnos of Karaganda region transferred 1,180,000 tons of material aid to the corporate social development fund "Тurkistan".

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Kostanay region provided assistance in the amount of 4,613,200 tenge and 5 tons of flour.

Ethno-cultural associations of Kyzylorda region collected 

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan of Mangystau province collected assistance totalling 507,000 tenge.

“Kogamdyk Kelisim” MPI of Pavlodar Region of the Mayor's office of Pavlodar region remitted a one-day salary to help Arys residents, ethno-cultural associations of the region collected and transferred 300 000 tenge. Foodstuffs, things, goods of prime necessity, personal hygiene products are collected.

Assembly of North Kazakhstan region sent 500 kg of cereals, 200 pairs of shoes, 300 kg of flour, as well as basic necessities.

In all regions of Kazakhstan, the staff of the secretariats of APK and "Kogamdyk Kelisim" supported the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev to transfer a one-day salary to the account of assistance to victims of a man-made accident.

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