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APK in Almaty Held An Action "Mediation Is A Guarantee of National Peace and Public Accord"

05.08.2019 2263

On August 5, the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and "House of Friendship-Center of Public Accord" organized an action "Mediation is a guarantee of national peace and public accord" within the framework of the Republican Single Day of Mediation in the Palace of Languages in Taldykorgan.

Trainers-mediators, representatives of the regional court, internal policy department, regional and city branches of the party "Nur Otan", councils of mothers and public consent, ethno-cultural associations, youth headquarters "Zhangyru Zholy", public and professional mediators of Eskeldinsky, Koksusky, Kerbulaksky, Karatalsky districts and cities of Taldykorgan, Tekeli discussed the issues of increasing the activity of public mediators, improving effective methods of reconciliation and actual problems and methods of work in the field of mediation

Professional mediator Karlygash Amreyeva made a speech at the round table session, who highlighted the importance of mediation as one of the structures of APK. "By the way, this tool is an alternative procedure for dispute resolution with the participation of an independent mediator. The parties involved in mediation independently come to a mutually beneficial solution, based on the experience, knowledge and skills of the mediator," the mediator emphasized. 

In the course of the action, the organizers gave general representations of mediation competencies in conflict and dispute resolution. Effective examples of their resolution and practical exercises with role-playing games are given.

It is worth noting that 68 mediation rooms were opened in Almaty Region alone, including 48 in 20 district, city and courthouse mayor’s office. Public mediators and APK’s structures have resolved 394 contentious issues.