Repatriates Assembly


08.05.2019 2036

Dear compatriots!

Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan cordially congratulates you on the Defender of the Fatherland Day!

This holiday symbolizes loyalty to civil duty, continuity of glorious military traditions, honor and dignity of the Kazakhstanis who are devoted to their country and guard its Independence.

Serving and defending the Fatherland has always been sacred to the people of the Great Steppe. Our history is full of examples of courage and bravery, true heroism and valor.

These glorious traditions are passed down from generation to generation and have become part of the national code of our people.

Today, thanks to the policy of the First President - N.A. Nazarbayev, Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan are a reliable and strong shield for ensuring the security of our country.

Dear fellow countrymen!

On this holiday we sincerely wish you happiness, kindness and prosperity! Health and long years of life to our veterans, safe service to soldiers and officers!

May this holiday of selfless service to the Motherland always be peaceful and joyful!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan