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APK congratulates Kazakhstanis on Independence Day

16.12.2019 498

Dear compatriots!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan congratulates you on the national holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

Independence Day has become a symbol of fulfillment of the centuries-old dream of the Kazakh people.

Building a new country - this great mission is entrusted by history to the present generation of Kazakhstanis.

The historical task gives birth to true people's leaders capable of reviving the greatness of the country and its people.

Thanks to the First President of Kazakhstan - Elbasy Nursultan Nazarbayev and the unity of the people, the desire for freedom, sovereignty, civil peace and harmony has become a reality.

Over the years of independence, a solid foundation has been formed for the development of the country - a solid economic foundation, an effective democratic political and civil structure, and a strong social base.

Today we are multiplying our achievements.

The head of state has outlined a clear and understandable mechanism of continuity of Elbasy's strategic course - to build and shape our common future - a highly developed and hearing state.

We have a holistic strategy of action, solidarity and desire to move forward only. Our principle is "Unity in Diversity". Unity is the basis of Independence and well-being of the people, the main condition and guarantee of success.

We wish every family happiness and prosperity. May your homes always fill with joy, harmony and mutual understanding!

May our Homeland - Independent Kazakhstan prosper! May the country of the Great Steppe be eternal!

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan