Repatriates Assembly


10.06.2019 1778

Address by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan

Dear compatriots!

We, people of Kazakhstan, all together became participants and creators of a fateful event in the life of the country.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev was elected President of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the early presidential elections in competition.

His candidacy at the XIX Extraordinary Congress of the party "Nur Otan" was put forward by the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Elbasy, Chairman of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Thus, a clear and understandable mechanism for the continuity of the strategic course of Elbasy, which over the years of independence has led Kazakhstan to the number of successful, established and dynamically developing countries.

Thanks to this, today we are all confident in the stability, security and progressive progress of our country. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev won a convincing victory on the basis of a clear and balanced view of the future, which was expressed in the pre-election platform "Wellbeing for all! Continuity. Justice. Progress". This platform is addressed to all the people of Kazakhstan.

It reflects the aspirations of ordinary people and entrepreneurs, the aspirations of intellectuals and the needs of civil society as a drop of water. Stability, peace and accord, strong social policy, equal rights of all citizens regardless of nationality, religion, property status - these priorities of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev's platform have found a vivid response in the heart of every citizen.

Therefore, President Tokayev has been elected by the people of the country and will be the people's president. The candidacy of the elected President was unanimously supported by all ethno-cultural associations of the country. On their initiative a nationwide action "Forum of the people of Kazakhstan "Our choice is unity and consent" was held. It became a convincing demonstration of active support of the newly elected Head of the state from all Kazakhstani ethnoses.

Results of elections have incontestably proved that our people has shown high political culture, a civil maturity and has made an objective choice in favour of the pragmatic interests. We are sure that the wishes of all political parties and public organizations will be heard and taken into account by the elected President of Kazakhstan K. Tokayev in his further work.

Today the people of Kazakhstan celebrate the victory! The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan congratulates all citizens and calls to unite around new goals and tasks of state building.

We call for every effort to achieve our common goals in the development of independent Kazakhstan as a progressive state with a dynamic economy, a socially just society, equal opportunities and prosperity for all.

Now our main task is to turn President Tokayev's election program into a specifics of weighty and real affairs with tangible results for every citizen of the country.

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan appeals to all political parties and public organizations to support our call to deploy extensive work to further build a prosperous and prosperous Kazakhstan.

Assembly of People of Kazakhstan, Nur-Sultan, 10 June 2019