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15.01.2019 557

Initiative charitable group "VS Mir Dobra" at "Union of Uyghur Youth of Kazakhstan" NGO held a joint charitable Christmas tree for children from the orphanage "Solnyshko", elderly and disabled home at "Radonezh" and for children of orphanage’s employees.

The event was organized on the eve of the Old New Year within the framework of the charity action of the Assembly of people of Kazakhstan "SARQYT".

Intensive program of the holiday gave a New Year's fun and fairy tale to both children and the older generation.

The charity Christmas tree events ended with gifts from sponsors.

"Your help is an invaluable contribution to the development of charity and, undoubtedly, a tangible support to those in need. Good deeds do not go unnoticed - they shine like beacons on those who are waiting for help. I am sure that your example is also prominent for other benefactors. Providing assistance, you give not just material values, but joy and hope," Dilyaram Assanova, coordinator of the charity group "VS Mir Dobra", addressed the sponsors of the holiday.

In turn, chairman and the vice-president of the Republican Public Association "Union of Uigur Youth of Kazakhstan" Rustam Kairyev and Ilshat Iminov emphasized that today the youth unite good deeds, besides it is symbolical to be in the beginning of the Year of Youth.

"We are brought up to show help to those who need it, to render care and pay attention, for what we are grateful to our parents. SARQYT campaign was launched all over Kazakhstan, thanks to which thousands of representatives of indifferent young people hold such charity events. This once again demonstrates that the people of Kazakhstan are united and friendly," Union of Uyghur Youth of Kazakhstan representatives added.