Repatriates Assembly


14.03.2019 694

On March 14, Mangistau will celebrate the traditional holiday of unity and solidarity Amal Merekesi in the framework of the program of President Nursultan Nazarbayev "Course towards future: modernization of public consciousness". On the eve of the celebration, a traditional Kazakh nomadic 'kosh' out of 300 riders left Aktau for Otpan Tau.

The main purpose of this holiday is to strengthen the unity and integrity of the people, popularize national traditions and customs.

In article "Seven facets of the Great Steppe" Head of State named seven treasures of ancient nomadic people living in the Kazakh steppes. The celebration of Amal-Merekesi in Mangistau reflects the essence of the President's address. Also in the program article of the Head of State special attention is paid to the horsemen's culture.

As a tribute to the memory of nomadic people of the steppe, on the first day of the celebration of Amal Merekesi a theatrical festive event "Uly dala koshi" was organized, in which about 300 riders of national costumes took part. Traditionally, the first sports competitions were held among men, demonstrating their ability to ride, agility and courage: audaryspak, tenge ilu.  Then there was a theatrical performance "Amal keldi - zhyl keldi".

Akim of the region Yeraly Tugzhanov congratulated all the guests on the beginning of the celebration of Amal.

"Amal is a traditional celebration of the arrival of spring, the unity of the people, which fully reflects the main objectives set in the article by President Nursultan Nazarbayev, "Seven facets of the Great Steppe. This holiday is the essence of the centuries-old experience of the Kazakh people, their priceless heritage, origins and national culture.

Today, celebrating Amal merekesi, we bring the contribution to research, protection, preservation and propagation of national historical heritage of Mangistau. I would also like to welcome our guests - scientists from Great Britain, Turkey, Russia, Azerbaijan and other countries - participants of the international conference held in Aktau. Now their work is aimed at studying and preserving the priceless historical heritage of the region. Their scientific discoveries made in Mangistau will give an impulse to the development of historical science in general," said Yeraly Tugzhanov.

Then the aksakals and the head of the region gave a blessing to the nomadic kosh, who went to the village of Begey, near Akshukur, where they were met by local residents and were organized festive festivities, an exhibition of folk crafts and arts and crafts, a concert.

Then the youth of Akshukur joined 'kosh' and all the theatrical procession left for Otpan Tau. The ceremony of lighting the Holy Fire of Unity is traditionally held here in the evening of March 13.