Repatriates Assembly


18.03.2019 1025

Today, March 14, a special holiday decade dedicated to the spring holiday of Nauryz began in Turkestan.

Concert programs with participation of representatives of all ethnic groups will be held in the cities, district centers and villages of the region, contests of national dishes and cuisines will be organized.

The libraries of the region will host book exhibitions on the following topics: "Menin elim kundei nurly Qazaqstan", "Nauryz – zhyl basy". This was announced by Asylkhan Temirkhanuly, Deputy Head of the Regional Department of Culture and Language Development, during the briefing at the Central Communications Service under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Thus, on March 15, the Day of Worship in memory of those who died in the Second World War, the Koran will be read and a memorial dinner will be given.

On the same day they will celebrate "Nauryz – zhyl basy". Meetings will also be held on the theme "Religion-Guarantor of Stability".

On March 16, "Cleanliness Day": a general clean-up day will be held in the cities and districts.

On March 17, in honor of the "Spring Sun Day" in Turkestan will be held sports competitions.

On March 18, the residents of the region will celebrate "Spring Ornament Day", public transport, public institutions and streets will be decorated with festive decorations.

On March 19, "Children's Day will be celebrated. Circus and theatrical performances, national sports games are waiting for the children. In addition, it is planned that the children will be treated to sweet buns and ice cream for the holiday.

On March 20, as part of the Day of Unity of people of Kazakhstan, veterans will be honoured and covered with a festive dastarkhan.

On March 21, the main events to celebrate "Nauryz" will be held with the participation of the akim of the region Umirzak Shukeyev.

A festive concert "Kosh keldin, az Nauryz!” and performance will be organized.

On the same day at 19-00, there will be a gala concert “Esimkhan” on the square.

On March 22, festive events, national walks, concert programs and national sports games will be organized in cities and districts of Turkestan region.

Turkestan region celebrates Nauryz in a special way. Within the framework of the theme of the day, festive events are held in all cities and districts of Turkestan region together with the regional Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and local akimats.

On March 14, a festive concert took place in Arbat Square in Turkestan, in which ethno-cultural associations, cultural centers and local executive power actively participated.

At the festive concert were presented performances - "Altyn dauir", "Кorisu", "Kauyshu", the artists sang songs and danced. Flashmob "Zhastyk-koktem" with participation of 300 people was also demonstrated.

By the end of the festive concert representatives of different ethnic groups presented national dishes and book exhibitions.