Repatriates Assembly


08.02.2019 1150

In 2014, the House of Friendship was opened in Kokshetau, where Shanyrak language school has been working since 2015. Children of various nationalities have the opportunity to study their native language and learn about the traditions and customs of not only their own people, but also other ethnic groups in our multi-ethnic republic. To date, nine languages have been studied in the House of Friendship. In addition to traditional lessons, various events are held: class hours, open classes and festive events to which parents and representatives of ethnocultural associations are invited. On such days, poems and songs in different languages are heard in the walls of the hospitable House of Friendship and folk dances are performed. Each student feels like a part of the whole, whose name is the people of Kazakhstan.

"I teach Ingush to children and try to pass on to my students all the knowledge I have. We study Vainakh culture and traditions, observe the customs of our ethnos. Children and youth from 5 to 18 years old come to the classes. I would like to note that not every Ingush family now speaks their native language, but it is never too late to start learning it. This is the only way we can preserve our culture and identity," Tamara Dudarkieva, an Ingush language teacher at the Shanyrak language school says.

The Vainakhs have a custom: if you come into the house, wish its hosts something good. This is how lessons begin, children say their wishes for good, happiness, well-being.

The youngest students learn poems and songs in Ingush so that they can learn the world of literature and art, which lays the foundation for children to grow up to be kind and responsive people who appreciate the beautiful.

"I am grateful to my country, the Republic of Kazakhstan, for the opportunity not only to speak my native language, but also to promote my language and culture. All Kazakhstan ethnicities have equal opportunities, each nation is unique and original in its own way and has the opportunity to develop. The year 2019 was declared the Year of Youth, and I, as a mother and teacher, want to wish young people to study and have an active life position to find their place in life and bring benefit to their country - Independent Kazakhstan," T. Dudarkiyeva concluded.