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14 events were held under ‘Toqymqagar’ of Caravan of Mercy

01.07.2019 3762

In accordance with the calendar of charitable events by the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Nur-Sultan during the month "Toqymqagar" under Caravan of Mercy 14 events were held, which included charitable actions, targeted assistance to needy families, master classes, concerts, contests for children, address congratulations.

"Obereg" Association of Ukrainians paid a visit - congratulations "bright colors of childhood" for the Children's Day for 12 pupils of "SOS Children's Village Astana" in the amount of 120 000 kzt.

"Kyrgyzstan-Astana" NGO allocated 77 000 kzt for Badalbayeva Nargizam after the surgery.

On June 1, on Children's Day, "Vainakh" ensemble together with its volunteers and parents held a charity day in the orphanage for orphans and those left without parental care in Osakarovka village. Holiday dinner, contests, master classes, as well as a personal gift worth 500 000 kzt for each pupil.

On July 6, 6 children were given cell phones in the amount of 250 000 kzt on Russia Day Celebration.

Food products in the amount of 989,365,000 kzt were purchased for 54 families in need.

Since June 1, a children's camp for 200 children studying Islam has been opened at the Kunta Haji Mosque. A total of 740,000 kzt was allocated for the salaries of five teachers and for gifts and sweets to children. The Council of Mothers of Vainakh NGO helped Zhabrailova Zarkhan to register documents worth 160,000 kzt. A total of 2,712,365 kzt was donated to the charity by Vainakh.

On June 1, “Cossacks Union of Stepnoy Kray” NGO held an asphalt drawing contest, a concert and games for children. Children were given gifts in the amount of 50 000 kzt.

The charitable help was rendered to Arys residents in the amount of 7 262 000 kzt.

In the course of “Toqymqagar” assistance in the amount of 6 459 365 kzt was provided.