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7 reasons to visit Kazakhstan

03.05.2017 6668

Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world by the territory.

Kazakhstan is the ninth country in the world by the territory. It has independent, prosperous and developed economy. Meanwhile, most representatives of the far abroad do not know anything about Kazakhstan. Even those, who have graduated from “Harvard” and “Oxford”. After one American’s words “Kazakhstan? And what the state of America is it?”, it causes offence for our government.

And there are plenty of reasons to visit this unique country of the Eurasian continent. Below there are just some of them.

National character

Getting to know any country begins with an introduction to the culture and lifestyle of its indigenous population. Kazakhstan is no exception. National customs and traditions of the Kazakhs require attention, because even in modern Kazakhstan traditions are preserved and revered with great trepidation.

No books will betray the whole essence of Kazakh hospitality, while you do not choose to come to this country. After all the respect of a guest in their home is a special feature of the Kazakhs. Therefore, having visited our country, foreigners will be pleasantly surprised by the hospitality and friendliness of its inhabitants.

Gastronomic tour

Traditional dishes of the Kazakhs are based on meat and dairy products and are therefore very nutritious. Nowadays the kitchen has been modernized, expanded the list of products. But the composition of traditional dishes still remained unchanged. Especially our cuisine admires foreign tourists who are accustomed to eating fast food. Delicious freshly prepared beshbarmak, refreshing koumys and bauyrsak – people always quickly get used to good things! And even they are not confused by the fact that they are eating horse meat (many nations of the world are scared of the gastronomic passion of the Kazakhs). Our national cuisine is that what makes people come back to the country.


The nature of our land is harsh and beautiful at the same time. Practically the whole of uninhabited territory is occupied by deserts and steppes, and only a small part of the country is forests. But in this green oasis of Kazakhstan there are the unique natural resources of not only the country but the entire planet. All this miraculous beauty is better to see once! What unreal views of Charyn canyon, mountain Kolsai lakes, stunning landscapes of Zailiyskiy Alatau, amazing chalk outcrops – it is impossible to name everything! 10 protected sites and 12 national parks were established throughout Kazakhstan. I think that is saying something!


Many foreigners think that Kazakhstan is a backward Muslim country, where there is absolutely nothing to see in architecture. Therefore, the few foreign tourists visiting Kazakhstan, get a culture shock from what they have seen. Especially the young capital of our country, which was almost rebuilt from the beginning, amazes guests most. Unusual architectural solutions of both domestic and foreign architects beautified the city, creating a unique look. Our buildings and monuments can be admired and admired endlessly. Therefore, only because of Astana it is necessary to visit our country!

Beach holidays and health tours

The picturesque places of our country have not only a beautiful shell, but also beneficial to health. The presence of mineral waters, curative mud and pure pine air make the resort areas of the country extremely attractive for tourists. However, the services of local resorts are mostly used by the Kazakhs and a small part of visitors from neighboring countries.

In addition to the sanatoria in Kazakhstan there are wonderful ski resorts: Shymbulak, Tabagan, the Altai Alps; the most famous high-mountainous complex “Medeo”. Comfortable hotels of international class were built, which are able to provide conditions not worse than western. And maybe even better! In general, everyone can find what they like in Kazakhstan: health, extreme relaxation, study or ecotourism. You just need desire!

EXPO 2017

This summer the world exhibition of alternative energy “EXPO 2017” is going to be held in Astana, which will be attended by about a hundred countries of the world. You need to use the time properly to visit our country during this global event. After all, there will no longer be such opportunities for at least the next couple of decades. Besides on the eve of the exhibition Astana has just been changed!

There are even more architectural structures of unusual shapes and for different purposes: from the hotels to the elevated railway. From 10 June to 10 September the “EXPO” will be held in our capital, and the whole city turns into one big tourist metropolis with excursions, visits, cultural events and mass events. We hope that this international exhibition will introduce many foreigners, not only with the energy of the future, but with our country, raising the image of Kazakhstan in the eyes of citizens abroad.

A nice bonus for foreign tourists

In connection with the “EXPO 2017” in Kazakhstan visa regime for citizens of 48 countries of the world have been eased. Now representatives of these countries (the exact list can be viewed on the website of the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan) can come to Kazakhstan before the end of the year, avoiding the problems associated with visas.