Vice Minister of Trade tests delivery from Japan to Kazakhstan

In her opinion, a the delivery of goods should be made day by day.
Фото: 08.09.2022 236

Vice Minister of Trade and Integration of the Republic of Kazakhstan Assel Zhanasova spoke about her experience of ordering goods from far abroad. She admitted that from time to time she tests delivery to Kazakhstan, reports with reference to MIA "Kazinform".

 "I order from Japan, Asia, America, Europe, and I see that everything bypasses Kazakhstan. Recently, I ordered a test parcel from Japan: it comes to Hong Kong, Hong Kong - Germany, Germany - Nur-Sultan. And for a long time," she said, speaking at an e-commerce forum in Nur-Sultan.

In her opinion, the delivery of goods should be made day by day. Therefore, the department proposes to develop this part of the chain. Now such large companies as DHL, FedEx, Alibaba are invited to test pilot projects to open fulfillment hubs and bonded warehouses, where a large number of goods would be stored. In the future, these warehouses could be used not only to deliver goods in Kazakhstan, but also to neighboring countries.

"Fortunately, our delivery service is a separate industry. For example, Glovo. The guys work, earn money, it's very good. But why does it develop only in cities? Why not make that service affordable outside our country, to Central Asia. Our task is to raise the level of this specialty, to enable our citizens to earn money. Thus, we need to create infrastructure," the vice minister added.

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