Share of e-commerce in total retail volume decreased in Kazakhstan

Фото: 08.09.2022 244

The mass digitalization of the global economy and the introduction of technological solutions in doing business have accelerated the development of e-commerce, reports with reference to

One of the fastest growing areas is e-commerce. Some citizens have completely abandoned the classic type of buying goods and services, completely going into the digital space.

However, there are also Kazakhstanis who do not use e-commerce opportunities and remain adherents of "classical" shopping. What are the reasons why some users of the global network do not make purchases (orders) of goods and services via the Internet? According to a study by the Bureau of National Economy of the Bureau of National Statistics of the Agency for Strategic Planning and Reforms of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in 2021, 76.6% of Internet users noted that they did not have such a need. 17% of users noted that they prefer to make purchases in person, loyalty to stores and shopping centers plays a role.

Another 4.3% of users noted a lack of experience, 2% - distrust in receiving or the possibility of returning goods, 1.5% - problems with the delivery of goods ordered via the Internet, 1.2% - payment security problems.


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