Release of Hyundai Accent and Hyndai Creta models is temporarily suspended In Kazakhstan

Фото: 23.08.2022 172

The Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan temporarily suspends the production of Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Creta models, reports.

"Due to the geopolitical situation, the supply of components from the Russian Federation stopped in the spring. All this time, the company worked on stocks, and also agreed with Hyundai Motor Company on an emergency quota for the supply of components from other countries.

Currently, the issue of further supplies and new logistics chains is being worked out," Astana Motors said in a statement.

The company noted that all available components have been mastered. New deliveries are not expected in the near future.

"Customers who are waiting for Hyundai Accent and Hyundai Creta cars, the company will not leave without attention. Managers of dealerships began to work with them: the buyer is offered to stay in line and wait for the resumption of production of models or to stand in line for another Hyundai model.

It should be noted that the Hyundai Trans Kazakhstan does not abandon its obligations to increase car production and expands the model line. The i30 has already been presented in dealerships, in the near future a compact Bayon crossover will come," the company added.

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