Over 40 companies return to state ownership – Kazakh PM

The Prime Minister said this at an expanded meeting of the Government
Фото: 24.kz 14.07.2022 258

More than 40 companies and 550 objects of property are returning to state ownership, Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov stated at an expanded meeting of the Government, El.kz reports.

"The Comprehensive Privatization Plan includes 721 organizations until 2025. Today, the implementation of this Plan is 40%. Privatization procedures for a number of socially significant facilities such as local natural monopolies which are important for the sustenance of the population have been suspended.

At the same time, in order to further expand privatization, an additional list of 180 objects has been formed. In addition, the Government, together with the World Bank, has developed approaches to reduce the state's participation in the economy. They were presented to you at the Supreme Council for Reforms.

As part of the work of the Commission for the Demonopolization of the Economy, today the rights of ownership of more than 40 companies and 550 property objects are returning to state ownership," Smailov said, addressing the President.