Over 200 Kazakhstani schoolchildren win medals of international Olympiads

26 awards are of the highest dignity
Фото: bilimdinews.kz 13.07.2022 294

204 Kazakhstani schoolchildren have won medals in international Olympiads in basic subjects since the beginning of this year, El.kz reports with reference to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Young talents got 26 gold, 56 silver and 122 bronze medals. They successfully represented Kazakhstan in such prestigious continental Olympiads as the International Distance Asia-Pacific Mathematical Olympiad, the Silk Road International Mathematical Olympiad, the Balkan Mathematics Olympiad, International Mendeleev Olympiad in Chemistry, Asian Olympiad in Physics (APhO), International Zhautykov Olympiad in Mathematics, Physics and Informatics for students of specialized schools

"In total, more than 500 Kazakhstani schoolchildren took part in international subject Olympiads. They have won more than 200 medals. This means that almost every second of our schoolchildren participating in the competition won a medal. Our guys competed with their peers from more than a hundred countries of the world and showed excellent results. They get the opportunity to get into the national team and take part in such international Olympiads as IMO, IPhO, IBO, IOL, IchO, etc. If the children take prizes at these Olympiads, they will receive cash prizes and grants for training in Kazakhstani universities," Gulmira Karimova, Chairman of the Committee for Preschool and Secondary Education said.

It should be noted that on the instructions of the Head of State on the support of gifted children this year, the winners of international intellectual Olympiads will receive cash prizes and grants for training in Kazakhstani universities. A schoolguy who won a gold medal will receive a cash reward of 1500 MSI, a silver medal - 1000 MSI, a bronze medal - 500 MSI. A one-time reward will also be received by teachers who have prepared schoolchildren for competitions.