No political motives – Press Secretary of President on diversification of oil routes

It is hoped that negative actions aimed at harming the interests of the Republic of Kazakhstan will not be taken
Фото: 07.07.2022 282

Press Secretary of the President of Kazakhstan Ruslan Zheldibay spoke about the reasons for diversifying the routes for the delivery of Kazakh oil, reports.

"Journalists are receiving questions about the meeting held today by the Head of State on the development of the transport and transit potential of our country. First of all, we are talking about the diversification of routes for the delivery of Kazakhstani hydrocarbons to international markets in the conditions of geopolitical turbulence. At the meeting, a business discussion of the construction of new transport corridors in the spirit of pragmatism took place. This work is not one day, it is about long-term plans. Indeed, there is no political motive in the decisions taken. Russia has been and remains our strategic partner and ally. No action will be taken to the detriment of its interests. We hope that similar actions will not be taken against Kazakhstan either," Ruslan Zheldibay wrote on his Facebook page.