Kazakhstani fighter jets modernized in Czech Republic

After modernization, the aircraft received a new digital avionics, an ejection system, objective control and communication facilities.
Фото: vpk.name 01.08.2022 200

Kazakhstan's L-39 combat training aircraft have been upgraded in the Czech Republic and returned. The vessels were also overhauled by the manufacturer as part of the state defense order agreement, El.kz reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

After modernization, the aircraft received a new digital avionics, ejection system, objective control, communications and much more.

The L-39 aircraft is designed for the initial training of cadets in piloting techniques. It trains the flight personnel of educational institutions and units, masters the elements of combat use associated with the interception of air targets, and practices to defeat ground targets.

"On this plane, we teach cadets. An independent flight for them is a significant event, the first step towards mastering pilot skills. In the future, there will be access to simple and complex aerobatics, flights along the route, in the clouds, at low altitude, " the commander of the aviation training center, Colonel Azamat Asanov said.

Now, third-year cadets of the Military Institute of the Air Defense Forces are trained on modernized aircraft. Before the start of flights, future pilots studied the theoretical and material part of the aircraft, documentation regulating flight work and the procedure for action in special cases. To master the modernized training and combat aircraft L-39 they are helped by experienced pilots-instructors.