Kazakhstani becomes face of official promotional video of World Breaking Championship

29.07.2022 279

Kazakhstan's B-Boy Amir Zakirov became the face of the official promotional video of the world breaking tournament Red Bull BC One, which will be held on November 6 in New York. The well-known Kazakhstani performer dudeontheguitar is also involved in the promo, El.kz reports with reference to Olympic.kz.

B-Boy Amir, who is the current winner of this championship, was not only the main character of the video, but also the author of the idea and director.

"Directing is my second love. The first is breaking. Nothing could be better than combining two favorite activities. I wanted to tell the whole world about our culture, about the place where I grew up, but to do it in a modern and non-standard way. A lot of attention is now attracted to Kazakhstan on the world breaking arena. We have a lot to share and show," B-Boy Amir said.

Boldest and most daring work is a bright mix of Kazakh traditional culture and urban elements. The production of the video shot in Almatymwas carried out by the Kazakhstani production company Qara Studios.

In the promo there are all recognizable national attributes. For the heroes, Kazakh traditional costumes were specially sewn with the addition of modern elements. The music was written by Kazakhstani beatmakers. The popular Kazakhstani performer dudeontheguitar is also involved in the promotional video of the world championship. He performed in an unusual acting role for him - he played a shaman.

"Our idea was to show Kazakh culture in a way that we are not tend to perceive, Initially, Amir planned to shoot a video on location. After reading his synopsis, I picked up on the idea, and I wanted to play more counterpoint. If we show something traditionally Kazakh, then we immediately mix it with something modern.

If we see a yurt, then it is not on jailau, but on a huge concrete platform, and planes fly against its background, " director Nur Niyaz said.

 "Nur and I have long wanted to shoot something outside the traditional framework. We even chose a location that would work outside of time. We didn't want to be tied to a particular place. Even though we knew what we wanted and we had storyboards, there was a lot of improvisation on the set. During the shooting, we added a lot of unplanned shots, and they worked well in the final version of the video, "cameraman Yerkebulan Kuanyshbayev added.

It should be noted that Amir Zakirov is not only the current champion of Red Bull BC One, but also a member of the national Olympic team of the Republic of Kazakhstan in this sport. On November 6, Amir will represent Kazakhstan at the world tournament in New York.

In 2020, the International Olympic Committee officially included breaking in the list of Olympic disciplines. It will be presented at the 2024 Games in Paris.