Kazakhstan volume of IT services amounted to 646 billion tenge

Фото: Alp.itsm 05.07.2022 322

The volume of IT services in Kazakhstan for the current year amounted to 646 billion tenge, El.kz reports with reference to Energyprom.kz.

Almost half of the volume of services falls on Almaty: 307.5 billion tenge. Also, significant indicators were recorded in Nur-Sultan (243.7 billion tenge), Karaganda (22.9 billion tenge) and Pavlodar (21.4 billion tenge) regions.

According to the types of IT services provided, the largest volume fell on software development - 204.8 billion tenge. Next comes the placement of applications and related activities - 128.3 billion tenge.

Significant volumes also accounted for software support (58.6 billion tenge), consulting and practical services in the field of information technology (49.2 billion tenge) and information and communication infrastructure management activities as part of the formation and development of state electronic information resources and systems (29.6 billion tenge).

Among the IT services provided to non-residents, the bulk fell on citizens and companies of such countries as the United States (9.2 billion tenge), Russia (5.7 billion tenge), the UAE (4.8 billion tenge), Singapore (3.7 billion tenge) and Ireland (2.5 billion tenge).

Neighboring China, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan accounted for 513.6 million, 408 million and 323.1 million tenge, respectively.