Kazakhstan not plan to restrict cars import from abroad

This was reported by the press service of the Prime Minister of The Republic of Kazakhstan
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Variety of media made publications about the restriction of the cars import from near abroad to Kazakhstan, based on the response of the head of government to the deputy's request. In this regard, the press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan considers it necessary to give an comment, El.kz reports.

To date, cases of importation of foreign vehicles into the country in violation of the law have become more frequent. In particular, the facts of the operation of cars that are stolen or pledged, equipped with false numbers are revealed.

So, only last year, according to the results of reconciliation with law enforcement agencies of other countries, it was established that more than 35 thousand cars imported into Kazakhstan had banking and legal restrictions. In addition, more than 600 cars at the time of importation were wanted by law enforcement agencies of the EAEU member countries.

In this regard, in order to eliminate the risks of the emergence of "problem" vehicles in Kazakhstan and improve administration in general, rules for the import of vehicles (including temporary ones) are being developed, which will provide mechanisms for strengthening control in terms of such cars, up to limiting their import into the country.

At the same time, these measures will not affect cars registered in foreign countries, imported and operated in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan without violating the law.