Kazakhstan enters top 10 countries with lowest housing prices

Housing in the city center costs an average of $ 927.2 per sq. m. in Kazakhstan
Фото: El.kz 27.08.2022 208

Housing in Kazakhstan, despite a noticeable increase in prices in the country and the world, still remains quite cheap. In the ranking of countries by the cost of housing in the city center, according to Numbeo, Kazakhstan is among the top 10 countries with the lowest prices, El.kz reports with reference to the Finprom.kz.

Housing in the city center costs an average of $ 927.2 US per sq. m. This is the 10th place in the ranking of 106 countries. The top 3 includes Pakistan ($ 585 PER sq. m.), Egypt ($ 618.2 US) and Venezuela ($ 672.1 US).

Among other CIS countries, in addition to Kazakhstan, the most democratic prices are in Moldova ($ 1047.9 US per sq. m.) and Uzbekistan ($ 1083.4 US). In both countries, the incomes of the population are much lower than in Kazakhstan. More expensive than in Kazakhstan was also housing in Ukraine ($ 1181.9 US per sq. m.), Azerbaijan ($ 1306.6 US), Belarus ($ 1629.1 US), Armenia ($ 2228.1 US) and Russia ($ 3258.2 US per sq. m. and immediately 76th place out of 106).

The highest housing prices are in Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea.

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