Kazakh junior tennis team reaches semifinals of World Championship

History has been rewritten again
Фото: ktf.kz 05.08.2022 217

In the Czech town of Prostejov, having confidently outplayed the Slovenian team 2-0, the players of Kazakhstan (Zangar Nurlanuly, Damir Zhalgasbay and Daniel Tazabekov) stepped into the semi-finals of the U14 World Team Championship 2022, El.kz cites ktf.kz.

Team captain Sergey Kvak for the opening game again put Daniel Tazabekov and he once again justified the trust. Daniel showed equanimity in the game against Svit Suljic. Despite losing the first set 4-6, Tazabekov came back quickly in the second game and took his opponent to a tie-break game 7-6 (8-6).

In the decisive third game Daniel immediately led 4:1. In the sixth game Suljic took a medical timeout. After that the young Kazakhstan player continued his onslaught and confidently took the game to 6:2.

Then the first numbers of the two national teams Zangar Nurlanuly and Zhiga Sheshko came to the court. The first set won Zangar - 6:4. At the beginning of the second game the opponents exchanged the breaks, but at this point the energy of Sheshko finished, further on the court fluttered our Zangar who confidently won the set and then the match - 6:4, 6:3.

Tomorrow, on the 5th of August our juniors will play in the World Championship semifinals against the German team which defeated the Bulgarian team 2-1.