How many foreigners work in Kazakhstan

The main countries of origin of labor migrants are China, Turkey, India, Uzbekistan and the United Kingdom.
Фото: Zhuasbayev 31.08.2022 281

At the moment, there are 1,762 employers in Kazakhstan who use foreign labor (hereinafter referred to as the FL). They employ more than 397 thousand citizens of Kazakhstan, which is 97% of the total number of employees, reports with reference to the press service of the Ministry of Labor of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Among the permits for the involvement of FL there are the following categories: 596 permits for managers and their deputies (first category), 3,137 permits for heads of structural units (second category). The bulk of the involved FL belongs to the third (specialists) and fourth (skilled workers) categories - 8,037 and 1,070 people, respectively. Also, 1,456 people were involved in seasonal work, and 1,731 people were involved in corporate translation.

According to the Ministry of Labor, as of August 1, 202, 2, 16,027 foreign citizens work in Kazakhstan with the permission of local executive bodies.

The main countries of origin of labor migrants are China - 3,566 people, Turkey - 1,822 people, India - 1,724 people, Uzbekistan - 1,566 people, Great Britain - 1,193 people.

In order to protect the domestic labor market, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of the Republic of Kazakhstan annually establishes and distributes a quota for attracting foreign specialists to the republic. In pursuance of the instruction of the Head of State, given following a meeting with representatives of large domestic businesses in January of this year, the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection reduced the quota for attracting FL from the previously planned 28,352 to 23,560 units - by 4,792 units (16%).

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