Golovkin sends Alvarez ‘back to reality’ following Bivol loss

Canelo Alvarez is preparing to defend his titles against Gennady Golovkin for a third time.
Фото: Sports.kz 12.07.2022 231

Golovkin shared his thoughts on Alvarez’s defeat against Dmitry Bivol to potentially torment Alvarez before their big fight, El.kz reports with reference to sports.kz

In conversation, Golovkin shared his thoughts on Bivol’s victory against Alvarez. 

He said, "Everything go back, you know. Like go back to reality. Canelo he is an amazing fighter, yeah 100%. Bivol, wow surprising. He’s so good, so good. For this day, he’s so good. I’m more smile you know, because right now like everything go back."

However, the hosts asked him if Alvarez was made to seem invincible prior to the fight. But in losing, he was pushed back into reality. Golovkin agreed by emphasizing that one can never know too much about boxing.